We’re here to shake up the snack world with tasty bites you feel good about eating.

Our Story

With backgrounds in supermarket retail and shipping finance, Marleen and Liesbeth couldn’t be more different. But what they do share is a huge passion for food and all things delicious.

After university, Marleen became a category manager for the snacking sector (surprise, surprise) at a large supermarket chain and fell in love with a chef (no surprise there, either). Liesbeth started cooking at a young age when her mother went back to school in the evenings (yay for following your dreams!) and never lost her love for creating delicious and nutritious dinners. In 2015, Liesbeth decided to follow her heart and left the shipping world to focus on her passion of setting up a food-business.

Brought together by healthy, tasty snacks, Liesbeth and Marleen now head up an ambitious team who are shaking up the snacking industry one bite at a time.

What started in 2015 as an online subscription has grown into an international brand with over 1.200 selling points in retail and more than 2,000 selling points in food retail. In 2020 alone, we sold over 2.5 million bites in the Netherlands, growing by 55%. In June 2021, we’re launching in the UK at a large national retailer which marks our first step into the UK snacking industry. Ambitious? Yes. But that’s how we like it! 

— Marleen Basart & Liesbeth Gouwens

Our manifesto

Our goal is simple: to help you snack healthier with tasty bites you feel good about eating. It’s our way of shaking up the snack world, one bite at a time.

As true foodies, we’re serious about satisfying your snack cravings. That’s why we pack our bites with a flavour punch, the perfect crunch and a moreishness that keeps you coming back. We only use the best plant-based ingredients, like nuts, peas and beans. And we keep fats, sugar and salt in check too.

So when snack time comes around, you can fill up and feel good, happy in the knowledge that you’re giving your body a healthy hand while treating your taste buds to something special. Win-win.

Our team

We’re an A-team of women running the show from our BitesWeLove headquarters in Amsterdam. We’re all true foodies at heart, with a passion for healthy eating. We believe that snacking right doesn’t mean you have to compromise on taste, something our own bites prove is possible!

Marleen Basart

Founder & Director

liesbeth gouwens


Nicole van Wijk

Head of Operations

José van Gaalen

Head of Marketing

luuk elkhuizen

New Business Development

jasmijn bakker

Marketing & Sales Coördinator

tom lagarde

Accountmanager B2B & OOH

limei gunn

Operations & Impact

Linn van rijswick

Marketing & Design

Anouk Verschoor

Junior Content Creative

We only use the best natural ingredients, and we make sure to keep fats, sugar and salt in check.



We make sure our bites are bursting with flavour, have the perfect crunch, and always satisfy your snacking cravings. No compromise, so it’s never hard to choose the healthier option.



Power to the plants! From nuts and fruit to peas and beans, our goodness comes from the ground.





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